Article 1

Subject to national branches being informed, a member of the Association can belong to two or more national branches.
Nevertheless, he/she shall have only one vote in the General Assembly.

Article 2

1. Each Branch shall be responsible for managing the data of those who have joined the Association through them.
2. Each Branch shall be responsible for disseminating formal communications from AIACE International to its members and within a reasonable period of time.
3. Each Branch shall be responsible for disseminating general information to members, in accordance with the criteria and by whichever means they deem appropriate.
4. In January of each year, all Branches shall forward to AIACE International a list of its members, drawn up on 31 October of the previous year, by electronic means.
5. AIACE International may send general information by electronic means to any member who requests information and who provides his/her email address.

Article 3

In exceptional cases and on the basis of a properly-reasoned decision by the Board of Management, based on a report from the governing body of the Branch concerned, a member can be expelled on serious grounds.
This sanction can only be imposed after the Board of Management has interviewed the person concerned.


Article 4

Any member of the Board of Management who is not replaced by an alternate can give a proxy to another member to replace him/her at a meeting of the Board of Management.
This proxy must be in writing.



Article 5

1. The board of Management shall separately elect the President and subsequently the Vice-President by secret ballot, provided a majority of its members are present in person or by proxy.
2. In order to be elected, a candidate shall achieve an absolute majority of the votes cast in accordance with Article 7 below.

Article 6

1. The President enquires about candidatures for each of these two offices, other than those
received in accordance with Article 22 of the Articles of Association.
2. If there is only one candidate, this candidature shall be put to the vote. The candidate shall be elected if he/she achieves an absolute majority of the votes cast.
3. If there are two or more candidates:
– these candidatures shall be put to the vote
– the candidate who gains the most votes shall be elected provided that he/she achieves an absolute majority of the votes cast.
4. If none of the candidatures submitted to the vote gains an absolute majority of the votes cast, the President asks if there are other candidates.
5. If there are one or more new candidates, the voting goes with all candidates in accordance with paragraph 3 above.
6. If there are no new candidates,
– if there was only one candidate, the President shall declare that the vote has failed
– if there were two candidates, the President shall only put to the vote the candidature with the highest number of votes
– if there were three or more candidates, the President shall put to the vote the two candidatures with the highest number of votes; the candidate who achieves an absolute majority of the votes cast is elected.
7. If two or more candidates obtain the same number of votes, further rounds are conducted until the tie is broken.


Article 7

Absolute majority: the majority of the members of the Board of Management (if necessary rounded up to the next whole number).
Abstentions shall be counted as votes cast; blank or spoilt ballots shall not be counted as votes cast.


Article 8

In principle, the headquarters of a national branch shall be located in the capital city of the Member State where the branch is established.

Article 9

1. A new Branch may be created in a Member State where no other Branch already exists, provided the minimum number of members residing in that Member State and wishing to create a Branch is 20 or the minimum required, where applicable, by national law, where this is higher than 20.
2. These members must put in place the structure of the Branch in accordance with the provisions of these Rules of Procedure. If necessary, the Association can be called upon to provide any kind of practical help.
3. In order to facilitate the inauguration of a new Branch and taking into account the initial costs of starting up a Branch and as an exceptional measure, the new Branch shall be exempt from paying the annual contribution to the International Association for a period not exceeding 24 calendar months from the date of the instrument of incorporation of the new Branch.


Article 10

The General Assembly of the branch shall be open to all members of the Association registered with the branch.
It shall meet at least once a year and shall be convened by the governing body of the branch.
The General Assembly shall be responsible for:
1) drafting and amending the articles of association of the national branch as an association in accordance with the rules applicable in the country where it is established;
2) appointment and removal of members of the governing body and of the auditors;
3) approval of the budget and accounts of the branch;
4) approval of the annual report;
5) proposal for the nomination of two members of the branch as full members of the Board of Management of AIACE International as well as two alternates, to be confirmed by the AIACE General Assembly;
6) a reasoned proposal for the removal of a member of the Board of Management who had been nominated by the branch;
7) any decision concerning the branch and exceeding the powers conferred upon the governing body of the branch by law or by the articles of the branch.


Article 11

Each national branch shall appoint a chairman and other office holders for a term of three years, in accordance with its rules of procedure.

Article 12

The governing body of each branch shall liaise regularly with the AIACE Board of Management. In particular, it shall forward an annual report including the minutes of its General Meeting, an activity report for the past year and its future programme as well as the list of members of the Branch.
It shall submit draft articles of the branch and any proposals for amendments to these articles, to the Board of Management.
It shall notify to the Board of Management, the articles of association of the branch, approved, if necessary, by the national authorities as well as any amendments to those articles.

Article 13

The provisions of Chapter III concerning national branches shall only apply in so far as they do not infringe the national laws of the country where the headquarters of the branch are established.


Article 14

The Board of Management may set up any body or working party deemed necessary in order to assist the President and the Board of Management in the performance of their duties.
The terms of reference, the composition and operating rules of these working parties are appended to these Rules of Procedure.
The Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General and the Treasurer General may participate in an advisory capacity at meetings of the Board and of the Working parties.


Article 15

Any correspondence emanating from or addressed to AIACE shall be submitted to the Secretary General who shall be responsible for the registration and dispatch of such correspondence.


Article 16

The General Assembly shall appoint two auditors on a proposal from the Board of Management. Their term of office is three years.


Article 17

These Rules of Procedure, adopted in implementation of Article 38 of the Articles of Association of AIACE, shall revoke and replace the Rules of Procedure of 30 September 1991, Article 9 of which was amended on 21 February 1994.

Article 18

The President shall be responsible for implementation of these Rules of Procedure.