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The International Association of Former Staff of the European Union (AIACE) represents and, where necessary, defends the interests of former staff before the institutions of the European Union, and in particular the administrations of the institutions. To this end AIACE signed cooperation and partnership agreements with all institutions and organs of the European Union.

AIACE maintains and develops the bond of friendship among former staff and has always worked to improve the well-being of all pensioners and endeavoured to nurture, in a spirit of friendship and good humour, the links among themselves. It also provides them with a number of services and information.

AIACE contributes to the study of the problems related to the European integration and to the defence of the European public service.

An association at the service of its members and all former staff members



On this page you will find all information about the JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme), i.e. the Sickness insurance and...

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AIACE ensures contacts with the European Commission in the management of all pensioners (DG HR and PMO).

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Insurance policies

Acting through the intermediary of the insurance broker Cigna, the AIACE has concluded • an accident insurance contract which provides...

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