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AIACE ensures contacts with the European Commission in the management of all pensioners (DG HR and PMO).

New Staff Matters page about pensions

This document shows how to access the new page about pensions on Staff Matters, containing various topics of interest to  pensioners.



Family allowances

Declare family allowances from other sources faster and easier

The PMO has simplified the way you encode your declaration in SYSPER to make the process more straightforward and less time consuming.

You can now declare an allowance for more than one child in the same declaration. A new feature facilitates the encoding, allowing you to duplicate certain information and speed up the process.

You can also find useful information, add comments, and view previously uploaded documents to get an idea of what is expected, depending on the country or region specified. Please note: If you or your partner, former partner or third person, receive a family allowance from a national scheme or an international organisation, you must declare it in SYSPER. Colleagues not entitled to national allowances still have to inform the administration of their situation. For them, a new option entitled “no allowance received” is now available.

Find a guide for this freshly updated module as well as a document with information per country.

Files library

You will find in the library all the documents related to "Pension" that you may need.

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