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Please refer to the supporting document available hereafter
If you don’t feel like going through this  procedure to create a login, the following colleagues from the PMO in Brussels, Luxembourg or Ispra can help you:
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Luxembourg: Call +352 4301-36100 in the mornings only from 9:30 to 12:30 or visit – preferably in the afternoons from 14:00 to 16:00 – at 12, rue Guillaume Kroll à L-1882 Luxembourg, building Drosbach, Office B2 / 085.
Ispra: Helpdesk:+39 0332 785757, from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30. Token Kiosk: +39 0332 783030 from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 or via PMO Contact.
Make sure to bring your mobile phone and to know your password so that you can access your private email via the Web.

Support EU Login (ECAS)

Once you have an EU Login (ECAS) account and if you encounter problems, it is important to distinguish between EU Login (ECAS) and the applications it protects: what takes place after a successful login is due to the application behind EU Login (ECAS), not to EU Login (ECAS) itself.
Please, first consult the Frequently Asked Questions at and the document “Focus on EU Login and connections to the applications of the Commission (PMO Contact, JSIS online and My IntraComm)“.   Second, if you still cannot resolve your problem, you can contact your local AIACE helpdesk or put your question in Yammer After EC.
Last, if you are sure that your problem relates to your registration or your username/password in EU Login (ECAS) and not to the application protected by EU Login (ECAS), open an incident with the EC Helpdesk for the “ACCESS-RIGHTS” team via the EC Central Helpdesk (EC Working days, 08h-18h CET): EC-CENTRAL- By opening this ticket you will receive a reference number which allows for subsequent tracking of your request.
If a future e-mail is linked to the follow up of an existing incident, please provide the reference of the incident (“IM00xxxxxxxx”) in the subject of your email.
In order to assist you as efficiently as possible: 1. Please gather the following information:
• The user ID or e-mail address of the concerned account(s)
• The nature of your relationship with the European Commission: Retiree
from (Institution)
• The concerned application
• How you are connecting to this application (including its URL, which should
be different from the EU Login/ECAS URL)
• The source of the URL that you are using (e-mail, link on Web site,
bookmark, etc.)
• A description of the issue, as detailed as possible
• If possible, one or more screenshots of the problem including the address
bar showing the accessed Web page, together with the step immediately
before the problem arises
• Any other relevant information which might help identify the reason for the
(e.g. for an SMS authentication issue: which mobile telecom provider you are using, the country in which the mobile subscription is based, your current geographical location, the last time you requested the SMS and the last time you successfully received it, etc.)
The EU Login (ECAS) Helpdesk can also be reached at (+352) 43 01 35 035.

Some useful tips

Don’t divulge your EU Login (ECAS) password to anyone else – even system administrators and support staff don’t need to know it and shouldn’t ask you for it!
If you forgot your EU Login (ECAS) password, click on “New password” in the menu. Note that you can’t reset your password if your account is locked. However, the helpdesk will be able to help you.
If your account is locked, it is because too many incorrect passwords have been entered in a row. During that time you won’t be able to log in or reset your password. Contact the or wait 15 minutes until the account is unlocked automatically.