Martine Platteau and Micheline Bruyninckx run a dedicated helpdesk for retired staff from all the institutions. They are mainly there to provide assistance with the various EU computer applications (EU Login, JSIS Online, PMO-Contact, My IntraComm and Yammer after EC), but they can also answer questions and/or relay feedback on other problems encountered by retired staff, or if necessary refer them to the specific department they need to get in touch with.
Micheline Bruyninckx is the administrator for the Yammer after EC network. Note, however, that she does not deal with verification of retirement status in connection with applications for access to Yammer, or validation of access; those checks are carried out by the DG HR sector responsible for relations with retired staff.
Daily, French/English

Weekdays, French/English

Micheline & Martine will be available at theAIACE Congress in Lisbon from the 18th till 22nd May 2019 to answer questions and help the users of the various Commission informatics applications – see “Your HelpDesk at the AIACE Congress” 


Please send any queries to your colleagues in your national AIACE branch.  Only if you don’t receive a reply within a reasonable time frame, should you forward your request to the AIACE International Helpdesk, but please make sure that you put those to whom you sent your initial enquiry in copy.