The governing instances of AIACE had since long discovered some deficiencies in the Staff Regulation, particularly concerning insurances. For example, when officials retire, accidents are not covered any more. It was therefore necessary to find a coverage for accidents that is similar to the one applicable to officials. This is the reason why AIACE concluded an accident insurance policy through the broker Cigna.
Following this, AIACE also concluded a contract with the same broker in order to cover former officials against medical expenses due to hospitalisation and/or surgical operation over and above the reimbursement by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS, “RCAM”, “Caisse Maladie”). It is therefore a supplementary insurance, contrary to the previous one, which fills a gap.
At the request of several members, AIACE has also concluded a Travel Assistance contract.
These three insurances are not mandatory of course. Each and every one is free to look for other more advantageous offers on the market, if any. It should be noted that other associations also offer insurances covering hospitalisation, but they are specifically designed for active staff and are less attractive for pensioners.
AIACE has an Insurance Group which checks the implementation of these insurance policies, including premiums; any contemplated change in tariffs or substance must be discussed with the Insurance Group and up to now a satisfying agreement has always been reached on justified and reasonable changes.
Information concerning these three policies can be found on the following websites:
• for the « accident » insurance :
• for the « hospitalisation » insurance :
• for the “travel assistance policy” :
Appended you will find several documents explaining in detail both AIACE policies.