AIACE’s governing instances had long been aware of some deficiencies in the Staff Regulation, particularly concerning insurance for retired staff and agents.  For example, when officials retire, the JSIS obviously continue to reimburse medical expenses, but coverage for disability or death due to an accident ceases. It was therefore necessary to find a coverage for accidents for retired staff, that is similar to the one applicable to officials.  For this reason, AIACE entered into an”accident” insurance contract through the insurance broker Cigna, which offers “accident” coverage equivalent to that guaranteed by the Staff Regulation to active staff. This insurance is the only one that – to our knowledge- offers worldwide coverage.  In addition, it should be noted that is compensates medical expenses up to 100%, regardless of the ceilings applicable under the JSIS. 
Thereafter, AIACE entered into an insurance contract with the same broker that allows former public servants to cover medical expenses due to hospitalization and/or surgery and which remain at their responsibility  after interventin by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme.
It is thus a supplementary insurance.
These two insurances, tailor-made for pensioners, are, of course, not mandatory. It is up to everyone to find more advantageous proposals on the market, if any, by carefully comparing the conditions offered in terms of coverage and premiums.
At the request of several members, AIACE had entered into a “Travel Assistance” contract.
Unfortunately, given the lack of success of this insurance, AXA has decided to cancel the contract on 1/07/2021. As of that date, no new policies will be issued and existing policies will also be terminated. They will of course honour the contractual agreements.
AIACE has an Insurance group that controls the operation of these policies, including rates; any tariff or other substantive changes are necessarily discussed within the group and so far agreement has always been reached on justified and reasonable changes.
Information concerning these two policies can be found on the following websites:
• for the « accident » insurance :
• for the « hospitalisation » insurance :

Appended you will find several documents explaining in detail both AIACE policies.

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