My IntraComm is the name of the internal network of the Commission, of which certain parts are open to pensioners.
If you have trouble accessing the service, there are volunteers at your disposal to help you. Their details can be found here.
However, before contacting them, go through this document, you may find the solution
Focus on EU Login and connections to the applications of the Commission (JSIS online and My IntraComm)

Access to My IntraComm

via the EU Login identification portal

Pensioners can now have access to the “Real Time” version of My IntraComm, which is available to active staff.  See DG HR note here.
To get this access, they should obtain an EU Login account.
Instructions how to proceed are to be found in the appended document here.

Beware !

Those pensioners who already have an EU Login (or ECAS in the past) account in order to use JSIS on-line will be able to use this same account to access My IntraComm.

Nota bene

My IntraComm is owned and managed by DG HR and DG DIGIT manages its infrastructure. However, it is a tool that combines pages from several Commission Services and Offices (like PMO), who are solely responsible for the information they publish. Therefore it can happen that a certain link to more content is not accessible to everyone, notably pensioners.
If you encounter problems with the content of any page, please contact the person or unit in charge of that page through the “contact” link in the page or via the link at the bottom of the page “this website is managed by ….” where you can find the unit concerned as mentioned in the Commission directory.