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My IntraComm

A special page for pensioners with links to the European Commission's intranet site, which is full of interesting and useful news, articles, classified ads, practical, legal and leisure information!

What is My IntraComm?

My IntraComm is the name of the internal computer network used within the Commission, parts of which are open to pensioners. It is a tool that brings together the sites of many Commission services and Offices (such as the PMO), each of which is solely responsible for the information they publish. For this reason, it is common in My IntraComm to come across a link that points to content that is not accessible to all.

How do I access My IntraComm?

An EU Login account is required to access My IntraComm. If you do not yet have an EU Login account but would like to create one, please go to the EU Login page on our website. EU Login also gives you access to other European Commission applications via My Remote.

You can either connect via the direct link with a single authentification or via My Remote (see further down)

How to connect to My IntraComm ?

You can connect to My IntraComm on this link (https://myintracomm.ec.europa.eu/retired). Alternatively via My Remote.

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