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PMO Mobile is a specially designed smartphone application that allows you to use some of the functions of 'JSIS Online'. In case of emergency, for example, it is possible to request a cover certificate or direct billing from your smartphone. It is also possible to search for and enter a claim for reimbursement by taking a photo of medical invoices or certificates via the smartphone, without the need to scan them.

PMO Mobile is an application that requires no installation, can be accessed via any web browser on a smartphone

PMO Mobile app: the easy way to handle medical reimbursements – and more!

Did you know that almost everything you currently do in JSIS online using a computer can be done faster and easier with your mobile device?

It’s been a year since PMO Mobile made it possible to cut red tape and claim reimbursements of medical expenses without the added hassle of scanning, saving and attaching bills and invoices. Plenty of other functionalities have been added since then, leading to the latest release that deserves to be added to everyone’s favourites.

Along with allowing you to handle medical reimbursements with your fingertips, PMO Mobile 2.0 makes it possible to view all your requests and account sheets and to track their status. You can also open your JSIS insurance certificates wherever you are, generate new ones within minutes, as well as request and manage direct billing. Updated with a slicker design and easier navigation, the app is now even more flexible and intuitive.

New added features  : prior autorisation for a medical or dental treatment and reimbursement of expenses linked to the statutory health screening, if you chose not to have it done at an “Approved Center” (i.e. at a clinic which has not signed a specific agreement with the Commission).

On top of all this, it becomes more interactive: for any question you may have there is a ‘magic button’ that takes you directly to a prefilled Staff Contact form – so that you only have to type and send your query.

Julio GARULO RODRIGUEZ, Head of the IT and Business intelligence Unit at the PMO, told us that the number of EU pensioners using the app has reached 8,000 (?)

“We are very glad that the share of retired colleagues using the app is already impressive. You will not be surprised that we plan to develop more features and services for pensioners, such as managing life declarations and financial rights. Early next year the app will become customisable, so that pensioners can make it fit their needs and see only the features they use. We hope that more pensioners will adopt PMO Mobile, because it brings plenty of benefits and is worth using.”

Watch this video demo that shows how easy it is to use PMO Mobile and how much time it can save. The time saved by bypassing scanning paper documents alone deserves considering using the app.

How to make PMO Mobile save you time?

The app is web-based, and you can either scan the QR code underneath, or go to this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/PMOMOBILE. Once in the app, you can bookmark it or add it to your favourites for quick access.

Here is a PMO Mobile quick guide. For those who have the courage to read 27 pages, here is the full user guide.

How to connect to PMOMobile ?

PMO Mobile (soon to be rebranded “MyPMO”) is an application that requires no installation, van be accessed via any web browser on a smartphone and works well with the latest versions of the most common mobile operating systems (iOS or Android). You can either scan the QR code underneath, or go to this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/PMOMOBILE . Once in the app, you can bookmark it or add it to your favourites for quick access.

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