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Staff Matters & Staff Contact

Staff Matters and Staff Contact allow you to find information and ask questions to the various services

What can you do with Staff Matters and Staff Contact?

Maybe you have questions about health screening or medical expenses account sheets?

Or would you like to know the rules about some medical treatments?

Or are you looking for the official regulation for some specific medical care or treatment?

Many answers can be found in « Staff Matters », but you also have the possibility of asking a concrete question related to your personal situation directly in “Staff Contact”. You can also retrieve all answers to the questions you put during the last 24 months.

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New Staff Matters-Staff Contact forms

Since 20 June 2024, Staff Contact forms have been updated and integrated into a new PMO & DG HR “back office” platform, called ServiceNow that offers new features:

  • A more intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Direct communication with your case handler. 
  • Easily track of submitted questions and requests. 
  • Records : your past and current requests are to be found on the new platform. 

How does it work? Always through EU Login of course !

Click on the “Contact Us” button on the majority of Staff Matters portal pages and from the “JSIS online and “MyPMO” apps and you will be redirected to the new platform. 

We recommend various sources of information:

Video introducing the new Staff Contact 

And mainly these User guides:

    1. Staff Contact Overview 
    2. Staff Contact quick guide

Access visualisation and shortcut to JSIS

Would you like to see how to use Staff Matters and Staff Contact and the handy shortcut for specific questions related to JSIS?

You can read the explanatory guide.

How to connect to Staff Matters & Staff Contact ?

“My Remote” is a single access point with a menu to access the various Commission applications (JSIS online, My IntraComm, SYSPER Post Activity, Staff Matter + Staff Contact and EU Login). All these options are accessible with a single EU Login authentication, except JSIS online which requires a second one for security reasons.

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