The new SYSPER Pensions application

SYSPER Pensions has been available since the end of March 2018 for the almost 12,000 pensioners who have an external EU Login account. They were informed by an e-mail message from Veronica GAFFEY, Director of the PMO.
Currently, only the modules “Pension statements”, “Life Declarations” and “Fiscal Certificates” are available to the pensioners concerned.
It is important to note that all pensioners will continue to receive pension statements, life declarations and fiscal certificates on paper as long as they have not chosen to receive them electronically only. This choice is made via the SYSPER Pensions application.  More details can be found in the Sysper Pensions Guide hereafter.
☛ The tabs “Life Declarations” and “Fiscal Certificates” will not appear in SYSPER Pensions for pensioners of the European Parliament, the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Economic and Social Committee, as they are not concerned.
Further modules (for example: school declaration, marriage declaration, address declaration, etc.) are under development and should be operational by the beginning of 2019. You will receive an e-mail when new features are available to you in SYSPER Pensions.
If you do not yet have an EU Login account but want to create one, you will find the access guide on our website at
In case of problems, AIACE Helpdesks can help you:
Consult the access guide which will guide you step by step to the application and its features.

The 3 modules currently available



At first, you will be able to view and print via SYSPER Pensions your pension slips for 2017 and early 2018 (previous years will not be available online).
A notification is sent to the pensioner’s e-mail address as soon as his/her pension statement is available. It is sent from the functional mailbox


When it is necessary to make a new life declaration, Sysper Pensions sends a notification to the e-mail address of the pensioner concerned and a new tab “Life Declarations” will appear in your SYSPER Pensions.
You will then have to return a single version of the two-yearly declaration, either on paper or electronically.


This module allows you to download and print the same version of the tax certificate as that received on paper. Only the certificates for 2017 will be available online.
You will also be able to generate other fiscal certificates, in the language of your choice, with or without amounts. You will receive an e-mail notification once your certificates are available in your SYSPER Pensions.

Assistance in case of problems

If you have a problem connecting to MyRemote, EU Login or Sysper Pensions, you can contact the Helpdesk via the following e-mail address:
Do not forget to take screenshots of your error messages!
Visit our EU Login page for further advice