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On this page you will find all information about the JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme), i.e. the Sickness insurance and screening programmes.

JSIS online

Via the JSIS online application, you can request reimbursement of your expenses, but that's not all. Whether you need prior authorization, care during hospitalization or apply for health screening, connect to JSIS online.


PMO Mobile is a specially designed smartphone application that allows you to use some of the functions of 'JSIS Online'. In case of emergency, for example, it is possible to request a cover certificate or direct billing from your smartphone. It is also possible to search for and enter a claim for reimbursement by taking a photo of medical invoices or certificates via the smartphone, without the need to scan them. PMO Mobile is an application that requires no installation, can be accessed via any web browser on a smartphone



Within the PMO-AIACE relationship, an "ambassador" has been created for a specific purpose: this person, who has privileged access to the PMO, is to act as a point of contact between the relevant PMO services (for sickness insurance and pensions) and the pensioner, acting as a go-between and facilitator in specific situations. The ambassador is able to provide explanations to the pensioner when he/she has difficulties in understanding certain decisions that are unfavourable to him/her, or assists him/her when he/she has difficulties in presenting his/her specific questions to the PMO; conversely, the ambassador takes on the task of contacting the PMO to analyse a specific situation, provided that the person concerned entrusts him/her with the task of representing him/her in the competent offices. Normally, based on the statistics of the cases highlighted in the past, this form of intervention will be applied mainly for the JSIS, but it is also valid for issues related to pensions and other related rights. This system should be of great help to pensioners who find themselves in difficulty with the bureaucratic/regulatory aspects of the JSIS or with statutory interpretations concerning pensions.

A list of ambassadors is appended.


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